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Honda B-Series Transmission Mid-Mount Plate

  • 15000

Honda B-series transmission mid-mount plate. Works as an additional mount and removes most, if not all the vibration from cars with solid motor mounts. This eliminates all the flex and completely rigid mounts the engine and transmission. It also gives you the ability to prevent the transmissions from any unnecessary flex that causes most failures in high horsepower applications. With the added rigidity you will be able to use all available power to be distributed directly to the tires. This will require you to have an existing traction bar. You will need to either make two steel tabs off your traction bar or we can provide them in a kit. Regular plate price is $150 shipped or $175 with the two steel tabs needed for welding. Our plate uses all factory bolt locations. This is the same mount used on world's fastest OHC CRX from MARS Performance.

Since items are CUSTOM made per order they will ship in 2 weeks from the date of purchase.